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Clusters and Industrial Development: Building a Regional Innovation System through Technology Facilitation of the MSME Sector
September 18, 2018
Development policies and paradigms required in a country are disparate in view of the diverse socioeconomic environment. The concept of regional innovation systems (RIS) is relatively new and centres on the fact that innovation works more effectively under local settings. Industrial
development of regions is increasingly relying on the agglomeration or clusters i.e, aggregations of firms and personnel engaged in somewhat homogenous patterns of production. As regions and clusters scramble to attain competitiveness in an increasingly open and globalised market, innovation emerges as a key determinant in the process. Innovation on the other hand is closely linked with technological change and under modern settings requires firms, R&D institutions, academia (universities) and other players to remain logically connected with one another in order to enhance the productivity and innovativeness       Read more

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A technology for Arsenic and Iron removal based on Ceramic Membrane modules has been developed by CSIR- Central Glass and Ceramic research Institute, Kolkata       ...More
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The West Bengal Incentive Scheme Textiles Sector 2013
The scheme may be called the West Bengal Incentive Scheme 2013 for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in Textile Sector (hereinafter referred to as “WBIS – 2013 for MSMEs in Textile Sector”.

The West Bengal Incentive Scheme 2013
The existing West Bengal Incentive Scheme 2013 has been modified to eliminate the eligibility-cum-registration certificate. In addition to that, a “SINGLE APPLICATION FORM” in lieu of item wise applications forms has been introduced.